Level 3

Patterns introduced/practised:
Compound words as in cookbook, laptop, softball
Two-syllable words with closed syllables, as in invent, upset, camel
Contrasting a and a…e as in cap/cape, man/mane, tap/tape (column 1)
Contrasting i and i…e as in fin/fine, pip/pipe, win/wine (column 3)
Contrasting o and o…e as in hop/hope, not/note, rod/rode (column 4)
Contrasting u and u…e as in cub/cube, and e and e…e as in them/theme (columns 2 and 5)
a…e as in case, safe, lane
i…e as in hide, wide, smile
o…e as in broke, rope, stroke
u…e as in flute and June (“ooh” sound)  or as in cute and tune (“you” sound)
c as in cell, race, pencil
g as in gem, page, fragile
e…e as in gene, concrete, these
a as in apron, basin, vacant
e as in demon, even, secret
i as in kind, child, wind
i as in giant, diet, minus
o as in both, hippo, poncho
u as in emu, student, tuna
u as in fluid, scuba, tofu
y as in cry, July, tying
y as in baby, pony, tidy
rr as in parrot, errants, worry
Double consonants in two-syllable words, as in affect, happen, witty
i as in alien, deli, piano
Contractions as in he is = he’s, she has = she’s, we have = we’ve
-ing verbs as in camp-camping, kick-kicking, pull-pulling
-ing verbs as in clip-clipping, run-running, shop-shopping (doubled last consonant)
-ing verbs as in dive-diving, gaze-gazing, shine-shining (drop final e)
-ing nouns as in duckling, nothing, stocking
Words containing a and ending in le, as in apple, ladle, tackle
Words containing i and ending in le, as in bridle, fiddle, title
Other words ending in le as in bottle, buckle, kettle
Words ending in two consonants then le, as in candle, temple, uncle
ai as in rain, fail, stain
ee as in heel, reef, sheets
ea as in cream, meal, sea
oo as in moon, pool, tooth
er as in germs, her, serve
er as in father, grocer, ladder
ar as in car, dark, yard
ar as in collar, nectar, solar
or as in for, north, torch
or as in error, mirror, tractor
ou as in ground, out, south
Contrasting words with and without double letters, as in diner/dinner, holy/holly, super/supper
a as first syllable as in above, afraid, along (columns 3 and 4)
a as last syllable as in China, panda, sofa (columns 1 and 2)
e as first syllable as in eject, erase, escape (columns 1 and 2)
r as in fire, retire, tyre
r as in cure, manure, secure
Words ending in ture as in culture, future, picture
Words that have one more syllable in writing than in speech, as in chocolate, different, Wednesday
Homographs as in “We record a record”, “Insert the insert into your shoe” and “I suspect our main suspect is arriving”.