If your learner’s answers mostly don’t match words in the “yes” column, they need to work on words from the whole of Level 5. Click here for the Level 5 workbook, which targets all these patterns.

If they just make mistakes on the spellings with links below, click on the relevant links for wordlists to practice.

Qu Yes Maybe No
1 clarp claap clahp
2 smarst, smast, smarsed smaast
3 tarm, talm taam
4 snar, snah snaa, snaar, snarre
5 quer, quir, querr, quirr kwer, kwir, cwer, cwir quur, quear, quor
6 nerb, nirb, nurb, neur nearb nere
7 flern, flirn, flurn, flearn flerne, flirne, flurne, flearne
8 wersh, wirsh, wursh, worsh wearsh
9 plaw, plor, plore, ploar, ploor, plaur plour, plawe, ploore plough, plau
10 prall, prawl, praul, prorl prourl, proarl prorel
11 swort, swart, swaut, swought, swaught swawt, swourt, swoart sworet
12 brork, brauk, brawk, bralk brourk, broark broughk, braughk, brark
13 jow jou, jough, jowe
14 crowl croul croughl
15 glound, glouned, glowned glownd, gloughnd
16 proy proi
17 sploil sployl
18 zair, zare zear, zere, zeir
19 gaird, gared, gaired geard, geird gered
20 slear, sleer slier, slere
21 kear, keer, kia kier, kere cear, ceer
22 gred, gread
23 bleth, bleath
24 drunth, dronth
25 twun, twon tuun, tuon