New word-building sequences

I’ve just revised my word-building sequences for the Moveable Alphabet to match the Spelfabet Version 3 workbooks.

The first set is available free from here. It follows the same teaching sequence as the Sounds Write program and books and Phonic Books Units 1-10, since we now use them here a lot. I’m hoping these sequences will be easy for parents and aides to use.

You can also build these sequences with the Embedded Picture Mnemonics flashcards if working with very young children, click here for a video showing you how.

The second set of sequences is $2 from here and the third is $3 from here. You’ll need a set of suffixes to build the third set, which are included when you download them. The suffixes are now also part of the basic Moveable Alphabet (I haven’t revised the advanced version yet, so just add the free download to it if you like).

Here’s a screenshot from the second set:

Here’s a screenshot from the third set:

I’m working on Level 4 sequences now, and updating the example teaching sequence (red button) under the website Spelling Lists menu to reflect the new workbooks and sequences. Sorry this is a process not an event – I’ve had a bit of overwork, lockdown and family drama burnout, plus it’s midwinter here in Melbourne, brrr.

On the cheerful side, Reading Science action now seems to be going on everywhere I look. Here’s just some of the gobsmacking free and cheap online learning on the amazing internets:

The AUSPELD Talking Literacy series

The LDA weekly Wednesday webinars

The Reading League YouTube channel, podcast and online academy

Think Forward Educators online events

La Trobe University SOLAR Lab short courses

Sounds-Write Phonics 1-to-1 symposium

Lyn Stone’s YouTube channel and website

Jocelyn Seamer’s YouTube channel and website

Aren’t they all great?! As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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